Gather Baseline Information

It is beneficial to have credible data that tells what conditions exist in your area before construction of the factory farm begins. That way, if the project goes ahead and you suffer losses you will may be able to hold the factory farm accountable.

You may want to:

  • have your land appraised
  • perform water quality tests on wells, dugouts, ponds and creeks on your property or acquire water quality data of others in the vicinity. Putting Factory Farms to the Test is a manual designed by Environmental Defence to help community groups monitor the effects of local factory farms on nearby water sources.
  • send a letter through a lawyer to the proponent stating your concerns and asking how they will be addressed
  • determine where the environmental liability falls with each component of the factory farm operation
  • ask for an environmental performance bond to be placed as a condition on the development to help offset foreseeable environmental costs
  • utilize freedom of information laws to acquire some of the background information
  • check previous council meeting minutes held with proponents

For assistance with gathering baseline data you can contact the BFF offices.