Dissect the ILO Proposal

Gather Information—Where to Look

You will need to understand the proposal itself, as well as the economic, social, geographic and environmental situation surrounding the it. Gather information about the area, the proposed project and the by-laws, rules and regulations that apply to it. Here are some sources:

Local Sources

  • Land Titles Office
  • Municipality, County, Municipal District, Planning District, Zoning Commission

Find any by-laws and/or resolutions for:

  • planning
  • zoning
  • health
  • manure management
  • ILO permitting
  • environmental protection

Provincial Sources:

  • Department of Health or Office of Chief Medical Health Officer
  • Department Environment
  • Department of Natural Resources
  • Department of Industry
  • Department of Water Conservation/Stewardship
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Conservation Districts or Watershed Authorities

Federal Sources

Currently the federal government provides limited oversight for ILO development, however many of the agencies listed below will provide technical and research materials.

Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada is a rich source of data on many aspects of agriculture, communities, economics and the environment with links to statistics on various topics.

  • “The Daily” provides short reports with current statistics on a variety of topics.