Your First Organizational Meeting

This meeting will help organize your community and determine what work needs to be done. You might need several meetings before you can assign all the work listed below, so be careful not to overload your members.

Invite everyone who attended your public informational meeting. Post flyers around town and advertise in your local paper—there might be interested people who could not attend or did not see previous information.

When developing the agenda for your organizational meeting, divide creative items that need discussion into three parts—brainstorming, evaluating and deciding. During the brainstorming process, anything goes; no matter how unusual an idea might seem, do not judge or criticize—just record it on paper. Sometimes the most unique ideas are the catalyst for the one that ends up being successful. Place an easel with large sheets of paper at the front of the room and write the ideas down. During the evaluating phase, participants discuss the ideas and rank them in order of importance. During the decision phase, the group agrees on which ideas to pursue.