Get Organized

The Next Step—Organize

Once you have information about the factory farm issue, your next step is to organize.

First, see if other groups have already formed in your area. Dozens of grassroots organizations have sprung up over the past several years to deal with the effects of factory farming. Call the Beyond Factory Farming Coalition office and we can let you know if there are experienced groups in your area. Joining an already-existing group is usually easier than starting one.

If you can’t find other groups, start your own.

Your Group

If your community is unfamiliar with the factory farm issue, arrange a public informational meeting to both educate and find neighbors who are interested in helping out. You can set this up yourself or with others in your community who share your interests.

Meetings do not have to be fancy or formal—they can be as small as discussing the issues with a few neighbors. Some people gather at a local school or library; others have used barns, shops or garages. Find a place that is quiet with no distractions—no phones, no children wandering in and out, no interruptions. Restaurants, coffee shops and other commercial public places are usually poor choices unless they have private meeting rooms. If you think the meeting will last for more than an hour or two, provide refreshments or encourage everyone to bring something.

If you decide to form your own group, make every effort to maintain a working relationship with any other groups in your area. It is critically important to present a unified front of opposition to the factory farm. Consider forming an alliance of all the groups in your region—coordinate your activities and support each other. It is extremely important that people work together on this issue. Once you are organized, please contact the Beyond Factory Farming Coalition with information about your group. If you would like, we will include your group on our website.

We also encourage you to phone Lisa Bechthold at (403) 867–2999 or to contact the Beyond Factory Farming Coalition at if you want help with organizing. Please make sure to send your full contact information, including name, address (including the province and county you live in), and telephone number, so we may contact you. In addition, the Beyond Factory Farming Coalition website is full of information to assist you. If you live in a rural area where connection speeds are very slow, email us at the address above and we will send you the website on a CD-ROM. If your community is already familiar with the factory farm issue, and if you already have a group of people interested in helping out, you can skip the informational meeting and start by holding an organizational get together.