How to Find Press

The best press outlets to target are prominent newspapers, television stations and radio programs in your area, as well as the local weeklies and the agriculture media. For the web savvy, check out online alternative media—a great way of reaching people! The following resources will help you find media outlets locally and nationally.

Local Libraries

Local and regional public libraries are a gold mine for recent and archived news publications. Ask librarians about the range of publications they have shelved and how you can get access to them. Knowing which papers (and which reporters) cover related issues, and how they cover them will only make you better prepared.

The David Suzuki Foundation

This web site provides tips on effective letter writing as well as a list of national and provincial media contacts.

A Directory of Non-Corporate Journalism and a comprehensive list of non-corporately owned media including television, print, radio, and on-line sources. Includes links to regional independent media centers.

Online News

  • Rabble is an online, not for profit media source, run by journalists and artists, which prides itself on providing progressive points of view on a diversity of issues.
  • The Tyee—an independent alternative daily newspaper reaching every corner of B.C. and beyond.
  • The Dominion: Canada’s Grassroots Newspaper