The Meatrix

Is an award-winning flash animation short video on the internet that outlines the key issues of factory farming through a take-off on the science fiction film “The Matrix”. If you would like a CD or DVD version of the film you can order it from

Bacon, le Film (National Film Board of Canada)

Explores the social and environmental impacts of the expansion of large-scale hog farm­ing in Quebec in the 1990s. Director Hugo Latulippe spent a year crisscrossing the province to interview the major players in the hog industry and their opponents. Originally produced in French, also available in English.

The Fight for True Farming

In this documentary, crop and animal farmers in Quebec, the Canadian West, the US Northeast and France offer solutions to the social and environmental scourges of factory farming. Order the film or DVD from:

Earth Rescue--Hog Factories: Corporate Injustice

Earth Rescue, a television program on the Outdoor Life Network, explores controversial ind­ustrial animal factories and their effects on animals and the environment (November 2001). Contact the Beyond Factory Farming Coalition office to get a copy.

And on This Farm (1998)

The story of a Missouri community’s struggle to protect their way of life in the face of expanding hog factories. To obtain a copy, please contact:
Wendy Swann at the Animal Welfare Institute
(202) 337-2332.
$15 per copy.

PEI Pork

Farmers who raise pigs in the Maritimes have no control either over the price they receive for their pigs or the costs of producing them. Pork prices are determined by a commodity market in Chicago where the whims of big buyers and sellers fix the price for all. Small family farmers on the east coast don’t stand a chance when prices fall while their transportation or heating or feed costs go up. Some P.E.I. Farmers have come up with a plan where they can escape the uncertainties of the commodity market by doing something different, and this is their story. This episode of the CBC’s “Land and Sea” program will be available for purchase from the Nova Scotia Department of Education in July 2007.
Call (902) 424-2440 or email


The Passionate Eye presents Frankensteer, a disturbing documentary that reveals how the ordinary cow has been turned into an antibiotic-dependent, hormone-laced potential carrier of toxic bacteria, all in the name of cheaper food. Frankensteer exposes the harsh and sometimes frightening realities of how our beef gets to our tables. For Frankensteer DVD orders email:

Corporate Agriculture: The Hollow Men The Nature of Things Series

Many scientists agree that we’re consuming the meat and milk of unhealthy animals. While we graze at our local meat counter deciding what to buy for dinner, more and more of these international corporate farms are developing faster and cheaper ways to get food onto our plate. This food is cheap because they don’t pay for the environmental and social implications of what they’re doing. This program examines how a handful of companies have come to dominate food production and distribution in North America and the real price we pay.

Apocalypse Cow The Nature of Things Series

Apocalypse Cow is a two-part story about Mad Cow Disease—a rare brain disorder of cattle that has the ability to jump species. The Mad Cow epidemic started in the United Kingdom and has spread to more than 20 countries around the world. It is also a story about cover-up and greed. Apocalypse Cow examines new information on the tangled history and origins of the outbreak, exploring its potential impact on human health.

Pig Picture

The Pig Picture contains investigative footage by the Humane Farming Association. This powerful 18-minute video traces the development of commercial pig rearing in America—from the small-scale family farms of yesterday—to the corporate owned pig factories of today. Does not contain scenes of animal slaughter and is suitable for group or school showings. To obtain a copy, contact the Humane Farming Association at (415) 485–1495. Cost is $10 per copy in VHS or DVD.

Northfield, Minnesota, December 7, 2001. Waterkeeper Alliance presentation

Features Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Rick Dove. Focuses on feedlots and factory farms, and their destruction of family farms, rivers, streams, groundwater, and animal and human health. Running time is just under 3 hours. $25 on VHS.
Real Life Video
PO Box 581703
Minneapolis MN

For new and recent listings, or help obtaining copies, contact the Beyond Factory Farming Coalition offices or check the website.