Provincial and Local Funding

How to find out about provincial programs, funds and loans

Each province has programs to encourage economic development in agriculture. Use the internet to search for:

  • Livestock-related sales tax rebate programs
  • infrastructure cost-sharing programs that provide public money for things like roads, water treatment facilities, that will primarily be used by the ILO
  • labour-sponsored venture capital funds that primarily invest in ILOs, which have high levels of tax exemptions
  • direct investment into ILOs
  • Immigration assistance programs that are primarily geared to providing labour to ILOs

Use the internet and search for “livestock” plus any of the following terms:

  • tax credit
  • investment incentive
  • tax rebate
  • investment program
  • development
  • value-added incentive
  • workforce expansion
  • work placement
  • job creation

Search archived government press releases for announcements about large one-time grants, loans and investments.

How to find out about local grants and loans

Review past Minutes of your local rural and urban councils and look for:

  • any motions authorizing loans or grants to the ILO proponent, to the local committee acting on behalf of the proponent, or to the individual farmer seeking a contract with the ILO corporation.
  • authorization of infrastructure development proposals or feasibility studies that would provide things like a water supply, a road, water treatment facilities, etc. required by an ILO.
  • tax exemptions, tax rebates, or tax reductions for the ILO proponent.