Reading Materials About Organizing

How to Save the World in your Spare Time by Elizabeth May

A practical guide based on “How to be an Activist” workshops for grassroots organization led by May while she was executive director of the Sierra Club of Canada. The book includes sections on basic organizing, lobbying, using the courts, fundraising, media and public mobilization. Published by Key Porter Books, 2006.

Boundaries of Home: Mapping for Local Empowerment by Doug Aberley

Whether opposing a clearcut or toxic dump, participating in local planning or zoning, or trying to learn more about your own region, Boundaries of Home will help you find, use and create the maps that are right for you. Using overlays, tapestries and stories, communities can map what’s crucial to them: water and air flows, commuting patterns, distribution of species, local history. Includes a step-by-step description of how to use accessible sources to compile truly empowering images of one’s home.

Organizing for Social Change by Kim Bobo, Jackie Kendall, Steve Max

Chapters include: The fundamentals of direct action organizing; developing a strategy; organizing models; the underlying structure of organization; using the media; building and joining coalitions; developing leadership; working with religious organizations and with unions; public speaking; working with community organization boards; on line research and tactical investigation; grass roots fundraising; supervision; administrative systems; the new economy. Order your copy from:
Seven Locks Press
P.O. Box 25689
Santa Ana, CA

The Troublemakers Teaparty: A Manual for Effective Citizen Action by Charles Dobson

Thousands of small groups with few resources spend large amounts of time trying to influence decision-makers. For the most part, these groups are made up of ordinary citizens driven by a desire to make a difference beyond their own lives. Governments and corporations call these people “troublemakers.” Those who study complex problems ranging from health care to global warming say we need far more troublemakers, far more active citizens. Order your copy online or write to:
New Society Publishers
P.O. Box 189
Gabriola Island, B.C.
Canada, V0R 1X0