Growing Hope

A special edition of Making Waves magazine—Summer 2006, is available on the internet. Read the magazine for insightful analysis and examples of farms and communities that are succeeding with alternatives to industrial agriculture.

Canadian Organic Growers

COG has a large assortment of books, videos and DVDs, posters, magazines, and reference series available to order.

The Canadian Centre for Organic Agriculture

This organization conducts, coordinates and disseminates producer-oriented research and education contributing to sustainable communities.

Canada’s organic regulation

Canada’s organic regulation was adopted in 2006.

The Falls Brook Centre

The Falls Brook Centre aims to demonstrate that it is possible to live more lightly in our environment while contributing positively to the local economy.

SlowFood Canada

The Slow Food movement celebrates local food as an important cultural experience.

Holistic Management

Holistic Management is an approach to pastured livestock production and farm decision making that supports the health of the land as well as the economic viability of the farm and community.

The Grass-Fed Revolution

This article tells about a Texas rancher’s conversion from industrial to grass-fed cattle production. Published in Time Magazine.

Orion Magazine

Orion Magazine has posted articles from well known authors including Wendell Berry.

The Centre for EcoLiteracy

The Centre for EcoLiteracy has a long list of educational tools for sustainable living.

The Organic Consumers Association

The OCA is based in the USA and has excellent coverage of key food and agriculture issues.